Power BI Advanced Class is a fast-paced training designed to get professionals up to speed on building and deploying custom business intelligence solution using Microsoft’s Power BI Platform.

Training participants will learn data preparation, data model using relationship and data view plus DAX functions, report design, publish, Power BI Service which includes managing datasets, reports, dashoard, app workspace, gateway, security, Power BI Admin and PBI Developers.

Target Audience

  • Chief Data Officer/s
  • Data Scientist
  • Developers
  • Administrators
  • Technical Consultants
  • Roles that deliver medium to heavy reporting analytics within the organization

Mode of Delivery:  Physical (2 days) or Virtual (2 half days).  All virtual classes are done via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Course Outline

Part 1

I. Power BI Desktop

a. Data Preparation using Query Editor

i. Analyze data source
ii. Get data
iii. Clean and transform data
iv. Merge and append
v. Load to Power BI Desktop

b. Data Model using Relationship and Data view

i. Create relationship
ii. Hide unnecessary table and fields
iii. Create calculated column and measures
iv. DAX Function

c. Report Design using Report canvas

i. Creation of reports
ii. Textbox, Image, and Shape
iii. Tables and Visual
iv. Hierarchies and Groups
v. Drilldown and Drill through capabilities
vi. Tooltip
vii. Forecasting

II. Publish to Power BI Service

Part 2

I. Power BI Service

a. Navigation of Power BI Service
b. Manage Dataset

i. Create New Report
ii. Settings
iii. View Related

c. Manage Report

i. Usage Metrics
ii. Quick Insight
iii. Settings
iv. Report View

d. Manage Dashboard

i. Create Dashboard
ii. Share Dashboard

e. App Workspace

i. Create Group Workspace
ii. Publish App
iii. Manage App

f. On-Premise Gateway

i. Manage Gateway
ii. Table Mapping
iii. Schedule Refresh

g. Security

i. Role Level Security
ii. Workspace Security
iii. App Security
h. Power BI Administrator
i. Power BI Developers
i. Power BI Community
ii. Power BI Blog
iii. Power BI Ideas
iv. Meet Up Event

j. Q&A