Power BI Basic Class is designed to get professionals up to speed on building and deploying custom business intelligence solution using Microsoft’s Power BI Platform.

This course teaches you the basic skills required for using Power BI. At the end of the training, participants can get data, transform & enhance data for analysis, produce dashboards and publish report.

Target Audience

  • C-Level Executives & Business Users
  • Techie or Non-Techie (professionals or students)
  • Roles that deliver reporting analytics within the organization

Mode of Delivery:  Physical (1 day) or Virtual (1 half day).  All virtual classes are done via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Course Outline

I. Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
II. Power BI Overview

a. Power BI Desktop
b. Power BI Service
c. Power BI Mobile

III. Get Data

a. Connect to data source in Power BI Desktop
b. Enter Data in Query Editor
c. Clean and transform data using Query Editor
d. Load data to Power BI Desktop
e. Data refresh using Power BI Desktop

IV. Data Model

a. Manage relationship
b. Basic DAX syntax
c. Calculated column and measure


V. Reports and Visualization

a. Page layout and formatting
b. Fields, Format and Analytics
c. Create Reports using default visual
d. Custom visualization in Marketplace
e. Publish to Power BI Cloud

VI. Power BI Service

a. Reports and dataset
b. Create and configure dashboard
c. Share dashboard within organization