Unleashing the Potential: AWS Service Excellence in the Realm of Amazon Redshift

Within the dynamic realm of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands as a trailblazer, providing an array of services tailored to the ever-changing needs of global enterprises. A standout among these services is Amazon Redshift, a transformative force for businesses seeking rapid and efficient data insights.

Data Mastery Unleashed: The Journey of Insular Health Care with Info Alchemy

Before the dawn of Info Alchemy and Insular Healthcare’s partnership, Insular Health Care (IHC) grappled with a myriad of challenges that hindered their efficiency and productivity. Diwa S. Tiu, the astute Project Manager at IHC, sheds light on the pre-solution landscape, stating – “Before the implementation of the Project, our reports would take a lot of time from days to almost a week to create. Data extraction is time consuming and sometimes blocks other users from using our platform. The automation gave us confidence that our data is clean and accurate. From static reports, we are able to present a much better dashboard that gives insights to the higher management. These are the things that has been solved and helped improved our former process.”

KFC Philippines Adds Quicker Data Insights to Its Success Recipe on AWS

Find out how KFC Philippines manages its own poultry processing, warehouses and trucking network using a business intelligence platform running on AWS and implemented by Info Alchemy.
With this solution, KFC remain competitive in a value-driven market with the aspiration to further integrate its operations and introduce modern data-collection in its stores.

Digital Transformation Trends for Education

Digital technology is becoming more pervasive and it brings disruption and positive transformation in all aspects of our society. It is changing the way we do things and it is occurring rapidly that we risk not being able to support its momentum due to lack of available skills. Digital Transformation has created increasing demands for new skills and consequently, the latest content and new educational experiences which are driving trends in Education.

How to Leverage Wi-Fi data for Business

Surveys indicate that 60% of customers stay longer on premises and spend 50% more money than before. These are just some of the positive benefits that business owners can expect to get from their guest WiFi investments but there are more business benefits that owners can take advantage by analyzing WiFi data. In this article, we continue to explore Digital Transformation and focus on how companies can leverage digital technology to transform their business.

Disruption through Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is becoming a hot trend in the corporate and the business world today. Like any major trend, there is a key motivating factor that is driving organizations to transform digitally. Ironically, Digital Disruption, the innovative use of digital technologies combined with disruptive business models, is the key driver to Digital Transformation.

The Age of Digital Transformation

One of the latest trend that is being felt, seen and heard in the corporate world is the use of modern technology combined with innovative business models that is making a profound impact on certain industries and businesses. Welcome to the age of Digital Transformation!

Info Alchemy: Powering Innovation and Transformation with Data

“In the age of digital, data as a game-changer is an understatement,” begins Emil Capino, founder, president and COO of Info Alchemy Corporation, as he touches upon the concept of data being a flywheel of innovation, which leads to digital transformation. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting, Capino leads his team at Info Alchemy to embrace the “Data as a flywheel of innovation” concept, which was popularized by Amazon Web Services. While data stored on-premises stifles growth and innovation, Capino believes that data must be stored in the cloud so organizations can fully leverage the latest and emerging technologies to enable innovation and accelerate their transformation.

Empowering Customers to Evolve Into Data-Driven and Analytics-Empowered Organizations

Info Alchemy Corporation was incorporated in 2001 as a regional distribution partner for a recognized data integration software market leader. Fast forward sixteen years, today Info Alchemy has evolved into an established consulting and outsourcing services company that helps customers jumpstart their learning and adoption of big data and advanced analytics. The company possesses a proven track record in end-to-end data warehousing and business intelligence implementation which sets it apart as one of the best performing big data solutions provider.

CloudSwyft, the startup that aims to change the way companies do human capital development

Operating a business today means that companies have to keep up with a fast-paced and competitive world; more and more traditional companies are moving toward digitalisation and are embracing new technologies to improve their operations.

Info Alchemy named as Top Big Data Company

Info Alchemy Corporation’s journey commenced in 2001 as a regional distribution partner for a recognized data integration solutions provider, Informatica. Fast forward sixteen years, today Info Alchemy has evolved into an established boutique big data and analytics consulting and outsourcing Services Company that helps customers to jumpstart their learning and adoption of big data and analytics. The company possesses a proven track record in implementing end-to-end data warehousing and business intelligence.

Info Alchemy, GSTF team up to train talents for Big Data market in PH

Philippine-based IT consulting and outsourcing company Info Alchemy Corp and Singapore’s Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF) have formed a strategic partnership to address the impending shortage of talent in the Big Data arena – pegged to hit $20 billion by 2016.

Info Alchemy named as Most Promising IT Services Company

Info Alchemy named as Most Promising IT Services Company

Online Interview with Jerry Liao

GSTF President Interview with Jerry Liao talks about their partnership with Info Alchemy.