What is CCTV Video Analytics?

CCTV Video Analytics utilizes video feeds from CCTV cameras for image recognition processing.

Via existing CCTV security cameras that are located in specific areas of interest.

CCTV video are copied or streamed in the data lake for archiving, reporting and advanced analytics.

By analytics video feeds, in-store customer behavior can be inferred and combined with other data sets to generate richer and deeper insights.

CCTV Video Analytics can be used to observe in-store employee productivity by measuring their movements against standards or acceptable process steps.

  • Store Foot Traffic (foot fall) Analysis
  • Customer Convergence (heat map) Analysis
  • Customer Sentiment (facial expression) Analysis
  • Unique Customer Face ID Analysis
  • Merchandize Theft Activity Analysis
  • Employee Productivity Analysis
  • Inventory Monitoring / Replenishment

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