CloudSwyft, the startup that aims to change the way companies do human capital development

CloudSwyft partners with Microsoft to provide cloud-based training modules for technology skills

Operating a business today means that companies have to keep up with a fast-paced and competitive world; more and more traditional companies are moving toward digitalisation and are embracing new technologies to improve their operations.

And it is not just processes or systems that needs upgrading. As jobs evolve due to technology, people skills also need to evolve along with it. But as a business, how exactly do you ensure that your employees reach their potential and develop their skills at par with company standards?

By doing, of course. Think back to when you’re learning new skills. Didn’t you learn faster and better when you start doing the actuals tasks and putting theory into practice? The traditional dyad of theory + practice is a tried and tested system for learning. It may be a bit difficult in today’s business environment, however, especially when you factor in remote workers, small teams, and the fact that knowledge and skills required is fluid.

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Philippine-based tech company CloudSwyft believes that traditional methods for training fall short, which is why they provide cloud-based platforms for human capital development specialising in technology skills.

These platforms include pre-configured IT lab environment utilised for learning, development, and assessment, and allows companies to create and deliver knowledge sessions, course quizzes, and assessments using a live, hands-on lab experience.

“To simply put it, we provide labs for a living. That is our core product. We aim to plug it into 3rd party systems and other LMS tools so we can drive more consumption and use cases in technology human capital development,” said Dann Angelo De Guzman, Founder and CEO.

Recently, CloudSwyft worked with Microsoft Corporation to deploy and offer Open edX Learning Platform Suite, making the startup the first Learning-as-a-Service partner of the technology giant in the Philippines.

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While CloudSwyft has been an official independent software vendor partner of Microsoft since, targeting Education and Cloud Solutions Partner Customers since 2016, this recent development with Open edX allows CloudSwyft to offer Microsoft-authored tech course modules, custom LMS platform, and Microsoft-sealed verified certificates – powered by CloudSwyft’s cloud labs technology for practice learning and graded lab assessments.


One of CloudSwyft’s clients is Info-Alchemy Corp., one of the Philippine’s largest big data consulting companies. Info-Alchemy Corp. specialises in data analytics and business intelligence solutions within the public sector and corporate enterprises in the country.

“With CloudSwyft, our PowerBI course offerings will be strengthened through performance-based hands-on lab environments. Microsoft’s content sweetens the solution more as it becomes a whole package to drive Data Science and Machine Learning capability development even more, which is not very rampant in the region,” said Emil Capino, President and CTO of Info-Alchemy.

Currently operating in the Philippines, CloudSwyft has plans of entering other markets in Southeast Asia, taking that first step in its partnership with EP-TEC solutions, an e-business solutions provider for growing and established enterprises that operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

“We are a young enterprise software company, our vision in addressing the tech skills development problem is bold. It’s hard, but that’s what makes it extremely relevant,” said De Guzman.

CloudSwyft launched in 2015 backed by seed funding from Future Now Ventures.