Data Mastery Unleashed: The Journey of Insular Health Care with Info Alchemy

Business Pains Unveiled: A Conversation with Diwa S. Tiu, Insular Health Care’s Project Manager

Before the dawn of Info Alchemy and Insular Healthcare’s partnership, Insular Health Care (IHC) grappled with a myriad of challenges that hindered their efficiency and productivity. Diwa S. Tiu, the astute Project Manager at IHC, sheds light on the pre-solution landscape, stating –

Before the implementation of the Project, our reports would take a lot of time from days to almost a week to create. Data extraction is time consuming and sometimes blocks other users from using our platform. The automation gave us confidence that our data is clean and accurate. From static reports, we are able to present a much better dashboard that gives insights to the higher management. These are the things that has been solved and helped improved our former process.” 

The Dawn of a New Era: Deployment and Benefits Unveiled

Leveraging on AWS components as the implemented solution, the solution seamlessly integrated into Insular Health Care’s infrastructure. Before long, the tangible benefits began to unfold. Diwa S. Tiu reflects on this pivotal moment, remarking —

When we’ve seen that the reports were automatically available every month end, it gave us ease that we will not be spending so much time creating these reports and repeating every step just to be sure we didn’t miss anything. Especially because we’re handling a large dataset where human error is sometimes inevitable. We are able to save time and focus on other ad hoc requests. We are also able to present interactive tables and reports to the Management Committee which they found to be very helpful and easy to understand.”

With the above, the solution gave IHC freedom from being ensnared in the time-consuming vortex of manual report creation and allowed them to automatically mitigate the risk of oversight. This liberation from mundane tasks afforded them the luxury to redirect their focus towards addressing strategic initiatives.

Empowering Productivity: A Testament to Success

The litmus test of any solution lies in its ability to enhance productivity and efficiency. Diwa S. Tiu attests to the transformative impact, stating–

“Previously, our team comprised six members, yet with the implementation of Info Alchemy’s solution, we seamlessly transitioned to a leaner team of four without sacrificing efficacy. Proficiency in Power BI, coupled with the fruits of our collaborative project, catalyzed a surge in productivity, enabling us to not only meet but exceed our deliverables.”

A Worthwhile Investment: The Verdict Is In

In retrospect, was the investment of time and resources justified? Without a shadow of a doubt, asserts Diwa S. Tiu, “Yes, the solution is very rewarding for our team. The time we’ve spent from start to end have given a lot of value in our time. The project went smoothly, and the investment is beneficial to us and the management. It has given a huge impact to the company in solving business problems based on data.”

The dividends reaped from the partnership of Info Alchemy and Insular Health Care have exceeded expectations. From the seamless project execution to the tangible impact on operations, the implemented solution has emerged as a cornerstone in the quest to solve business problems through data-driven insights.  As a whole, it was not merely an investment; it’s an invaluable asset that continues to yield benefits for the IHC team and the organization at large.

In conclusion, the synergy between Info Alchemy and Insular Health Care stands as a testament to the transformative power of data solutions.