Data virtualization is a logical data layer that integrates all enterprise data siloed across the disparate systems, manages the unified data for centralized security and governance, and delivers it to business users in real time.

Benefits of Partnership

Thanks to Denodo, Info Alchemy customers can now leverage on the benefits of having a Logical Data Warehouse architecture. 

With real time access to holistic information, businesses across many industries can efficiently execute complete processes, modernize business applications while replacing legacy systems, migrate from on-premises to cloud applications, analyze current business performance against previous years, comply with regulations that require traceability of historical data, search for and discover interrelated data and monetize your data by delivering it as a service.

Data Integration Without Replication

Logical data layer

Data virtualization provides a virtual approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data without replicating it in a physical repository.

Data integration

Data virtualization integrates data siloed across all enterprise systems, regardless of data format, location, or latency.

Data management

Data virtualization provides a centralized secure layer to catalog, search, discover, and govern the unified data and its relationships.

Real-time delivery

Data virtualization delivers the integrated information in real time to the applications used by business users.