Info Alchemy Corporation: Empowering Customers to Evolve Into Data-Driven and Analytics-Empowered Organizations

Info Alchemy Corporation was incorporated in 2001 as a regional distribution partner for a recognized data integration software market leader. Fast forward sixteen years, today Info Alchemy has evolved into an established consulting and outsourcing services company that helps customers jumpstart their learning and adoption of big data and advanced analytics. The company possesses a proven track record in end-to-end data warehousing and business intelligence implementation which sets it apart as one of the best performing big data solutions provider.

Since its inception, Info Alchemy has specialized in enterprise data management solutions: Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Data Quality and Master Data Management. The company’s vision is to aid organizations in harnessing the power of their data using next-generation, cloud-based big data and advanced analytics applications. Its best-of-breed software selection and technology-agnostic consulting approach ensure the effectiveness of the recommended software and technologies in fulfilling customers’ requirements. With an experienced team of certified consultants, the firm provides hands-on workshops, bootcamp training and learning seminars to enable its customers implement a successful big data analytics project.

Services & Solutions

Info Alchemy helps its clients develop a big data solution blueprint based on detailed assessment of the organization’s current environment, short-term requirement, long-term goals including its readiness and capability in using big data & analytics in data-to-day operations. The blueprint starts from implementing an Operational Data Store (ODS) to consolidate data from various data source systems, to implementing an enterprise data warehouse for reporting & visualizations, and finally to establishing a big data and advanced analytics platform for developing analytical applications and generating deeper insights from data.

For ODS implementation, Info Alchemy provides data modelling and ETL development services. For enterprise data warehousing, the company provides data warehouse architecture design, data warehouse schema design, data integration, and reports/dashboard development. For big data, the firm provides data lake architecture design, Hadoop cluster configuration, structured and unstructured data ingestion to help businesses build robust data lakes.

To ensure the accuracy, completeness and validity of its customers’ data assets, Info Alchemy provides data quality and golden record management services. The company’s most important solution that Info Alchemy provides is its Master Data Management (MDM) solution. MDM is a key component of the firm’s ‘Big Data and Advanced Analytics Solution portfolio’.

Well-known for its consulting and outsourcing services, Info Alchemy was approached by a contactless payment service provider in the Philippines. The client needed a new data and analytics platform to handle its fast-growing data volume generated from trains and buses payment transactions. Info Alchemy employed a leading Hadoop distribution platform to implement a data lake and developed an in-hadoop data warehouse model to support the client’s reporting, analysis and future predictive analytics initiatives. This resulted in the client being able to store and manage its growing data volumes in the data lake and harness the same via self-service business intelligence for regulatory reporting and analysis.

Passionate Leader Holding the Reins

Emil V. Capino, the current President and COO of Info Alchemy has been with the company since 2001. He is one of the company’s founders and is responsible for the company’s exponential growth in its Consulting, Training & Enablement, and Managed Services business.

Emil brings with him more than 25 years of IT consulting experience and has worked on various technical roles such as mainframe programming, application development, database administration, pre-sales, technical support and project management for a multi-national software vendor. He has been involved in hundreds of successful projects in the Philippines and in South East Asia.

Since joining Info Alchemy, he has architected various solutions and delivered numerous Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence projects, trainings, learning seminars and technical workshops sponsored by Microsoft, MAPR and Profisee.

Emil’s passion for data and analytics allows him to evangelize cutting-edge technologies covering big data, advanced analytics and machine learning. Emil conducts public seminars on Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Emil also writes articles for “The Corporate” magazine’s Technology & Innovation section on topics around Digital Transformation.

Industry Scenario

Big Data Solutions in the Philippines as an industry is still at its infancy. Local companies who have implemented a data lake including Hadoop-based data storage have not fully utilized their big data investments due to the lack of adoption or pre-packaged solutions that are available in the market. Today, Info Alchemy empowers organizations through enablement programs that are tailor-fit based on specific use cases and big data user maturity level. Info Alchemy provides both self-paced online learning and instructor-led training courses focusing on Big Data and Analytics, which are aimed to increase awareness and adoption in the country.

Focus on Enablement & Adoption

To stay abreast with the latest and continuously evolving technologies, Info Alchemy leverages Learning-as-a-Service (LaaS) platforms to provide a self-paced learning environment for its employees and customers. Info Alchemy subscribes to OpenEDX content from its Technology Partners to maintain and expand its competencies. Info Alchemy also builds its own content for instructor-led trainings based on best practice and actual implementation experiences. By leveraging LaaS platform, OpenEDX content and instructor-led training, Info Alchemy makes itself unique as a Big Data Solutions provider with focus on enablement and adoption.

Future Endeavours

Recognized as a technology-agnostic services delivery firm, Info Alchemy’s future roadmap encompasses the launch of a new Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS), a cost-effective customer enablement approach in exploring and implementing big data and advanced analytics solutions. Using this service, the company will deliver use case discovery sessions, data lake architecture design & implementation, data science consulting and enablement workshops to deliver and operationalize specific big data analytics use case scenarios for its customers.

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