InfoVacs is a cloud-based vaccine monitoringsystem designed for Local Government Units (LGUs)to provide ease of administration and visibility tothe LGU’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

No Data Encoding
Automatically capture constituent data using a mobile phone camera. uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to capture information. No need for inaccurate manual data encoding.

Accurate Information
Extract data directly from Voter’s ID or any valid government-issued ID to capture accurate constituent details for reporting and analysis.
InfoVacs uses machine learning to extract data from images.

Community Demographics
Analyze demographics of your constituents who have been vaccinated. Know who received the 1st & 2nd doses or how many seniors have been vaccinated. Identify top comorbidities in the community for health program planning and followup activities.

InfoVacs utilizes the same reporting platform used by the Department of Health (DOH) for nationwide vaccine monitoring developed by Info Alchemy

How it Works

LGU Frontliners
use mobile phone to take snapshots of constituents Voters ID or any valid Government issued ID

InfoVac System use computer vision technology to automatically capture constituent data without need for manual encoding

LGU Administrators use system generated reports & dashboards to monitor and analyze progress of vaccination program

Key Benefits

  • Monitor your LGU’s vaccination program
  • Get visibility on your constituents
  • Capture data via mobile / no encoding
  • Analyze and generate insights from data
  • Take action based on accurate data

InfoVacs is a software-as-a-service application by Info Alchemy Corporation.