Datamart-As-A-Service (DMaaS)

Datamart-as-a-Service is designed to enable users to consolidate and analyze information for specific subject areas, business units or departments. Provisioned on the cloud & fully managed by Info Alchemy, DMaaS is an ideal solution for departmental data warehouse for small to medium data size environment.

Data Warehouse-As-A-Service (DWaaS)

Data Warehouse-as-a-Service is targeted for customers who are looking to build an Enterprise Data Warehouse. This solution is ideal for companies with leaner IT teams who want to provide an enterprise wide data analytics environment. Highly scalable from multi-terabyte data volume, this solution is provisioned on the cloud & fully managed by Info Alchemy and is available in SMP and MPP deployment options.

Data Lake-As-A-Service (DLaaS)

Data Lake-as-a-Service is a cloud - based big data solution that supports petabyte - scale storage of any data in HDFS, NoSQL and Streams on a single platform. This service is ideal for organizations who wants to harness data for advanced analytics. Available in IaaS and Paas deployment options on the cloud, this solution is fully managed by Info Alchemy.

Data Quality-As-A-Service (DQaaS)

Data Quality-as-a-Service is subscription-based data cleansing service intended for meduim to large data quality requirements. This solution provides data profiling, data cleansing, data enrichment and validation services in a cloud environment. This service is available as a fully - outsourced or as an ad - hoc service. The service is fully managed by Info Alchemy and provisioned on the cloud.

Master Data Management-As-A-Service (MDMaaS)

Master Data Management-as-a-Service is an end-to-end Master Data Management service intended for medium to large scale implementation. This solution provides multi-domain Golden Record Management and supports both master and reference data. Ideal for establishing data governance in Enterprise Data Warehouse and Big Data Lake environments. This service is available in IaaS and PaaS deployment options on the cloud fully managed by Info Alchemy.

Data Virtualization-as-a-Service (DVaas)

Data Virtualization-as-a-Service is a subscription-based data abstraction service designed for medium to large enterprises with disparate on-premises and cloud-native data source systems. This solution provides a logical data layer and creates an enterprise-wide data fabric to enable data governance, data audit/security, and self-service big data analytics.