Amazon Personalize enables you to improve customer engagement and conversion by powering real-time personalized product and content recommendations, and targeted marketing promotions. It is based on over 20 years of recommendation experience and research in machine learning at Amazon. It’s like having your very own machine learning recommendation system 24 hours a day.

Amazon Personalize automates the complex steps required to build, train, tune, and deploy a machine learning recommendation model so you can deliver personalized user experiences faster.

You can get started with no prior machine learning experience using simple APIs to easily integrate sophisticated personalization capabilities into your systems and platform. All of your data is encrypted to be private and secure, and is only used to create recommendations for your users. You pay only for what you use, and there are no minimum fees and no upfront commitments.


  • Higher quality recommendations by using machine learning algorithms to create recommendations that respond to specific needs, preferences, and changing consumer behavior in real-time.
  • Improve user engagement and conversion by blending real time user activity data with user profile and product information to identify the optimal product or content recommendations.
  • Easily integrates into your existing websites, apps, SMS and email marketing systems to provide a unique experience for every user across all channels and devices.
  • With a few simple API, Amazon Personalize automates the complex machine learning tasks required to build, train, tune and deploy recommendation model to deliver personalized user experience faster.

Use Cases

Personalized recommendations

Product and content recommendations tailored to a user’s profile and habits are more likely to drive higher conversion.

Similar item recommendations

Amazon Personalize recommends similar items from your catalog, in real-time, based on user behavior to create experiences such as – users who watched ‘x’ also watched ‘y’.

Personalized rankings

Whether the source is a person, business rules around product lifecycle management, or a line of code, Amazon Personalize enables you to re-rank your product catalog to achieve your business priorities.