Emil Capino, President

"Our vision is to aid organizations in harnessing the power of their data using next-generation, cloud-based big data and advanced analytics applications"

Info Alchemy Corporation: The Big Data Alchemists

Info Alchemy Corporation’s journey commenced in 2001 as a regional distribution partner for a recognized data integration solutions provider, Informatica. Fast forward sixteen years, today Info Alchemy has evolved into an established boutique big data and analytics consulting and outsourcing Services Company that helps customers to jumpstart their learning and adoption of big data and analytics. The company possesses a proven track record in implementing end-to-end data warehousing and business intelligence. “Our niche lies in our ability to empower customers with the right solutions and proper training that help them evolve into data-driven and analytics-empowered organizations; thus paving the way for a successful digital transformation,” says Emil V. Capino, President of Info Alchemy Corporation.

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