POS Analytics for Retail Store Chain

The amount of data available for retailers is expanding & overwhelming. From transactions, supply chain, buying behaviors, trends, multi-channel sales and expanded (nationwide & global coverage) are just a few of the data sources companies can use to maximise their profits.

Make Intelligent Decisions at the Right Time

Making it rational of all these inputs requires ease of use, accessibility, scalability and live connectivity. The Info Alchemy POS Analytics for Retail Store helps bring all these data sources in one place and keeps the data current allowing you to make intelligent decisions at the right time. In addition, you can collaborate your retail analytics at the store, at the factory, commissary or distribution center or even at the headquarters for management to see.

Increase Productivity & Company Revenue

With POS Analytics, it doesn’t matter where you are, your data is always available and in real time. You can understand customer sentiments and behavior, either online or in-store and make a visual analysis of shopper movements and interactions, identify the right buying time and better serve them. As a result, the intelligent decisions you make can increase productivity and company revenue.

No need to pay for up-front & expensive development cost

Info Alchemy provides a quick and easy way to monitor and analyze your store chain’s sales performance using cutting-edge data visualization platform. Automatically consolidate and visualize your data for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales trend analysis. Get instantaneous insights from sales transactions in near real-time. Our solution works with any POS system and securely accessed via web and mobile devices.

Basic Analytics Modules:  
Cost per module available after customer assessment

    • Store Sales Performance Insights
    • Marketing Promotion Insights
    • Customer Traffic Insights
    • Financial Reporting Insights
    • Inventory Management

Advanced Analytics Modules:  
Cost per module available after customer assessment

    • Demand Forecasting Insights
    • Inventory Optimization Insights
    • Price Optimization Insights
    • Demand Forecasting (ML-based prediction)
    • Auto-Replenishment of Inventory
    • Kitchen / Cooking Recommendation
    • Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Explosion
    • Warehouse Pick-list Recommendation
    • Next Best SKU Recommendation
    • Discount Coupon Recommendation
    • Price Optimization Recommendation

The Info Alchemy Advantage.

Since 2001, Info Alchemy has been implementing data warehousing and business intelligence projects across South East Asia. With hundreds of successful DW/BI projects and services engagements, Info Alchemy leverages its wealth of experience, best practices methodology and in-depth expertise in Microsoft’s Data Platform and Advanced Analytics Solutions.

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